Primary Agencies

Choosing a Primary Agency

What is a primary agency? A primary agency is one which ahs an established program in another country or has a birth parent program.  There are many agencies which focus on the child-to-be adopted portion of your adoption.  The time to referral, the children who need homes, and the costs vary from agency to agency, so it is always a good idea to research each agency via their web site and speak with someone about your individual desires and concerns.

An agency which has a domestic infant program assist birth parents who have an unplanned pregnancy and wish to explore options for their child.  Counseling is available regarding parenting and adoption plans.

some families adoapt children who are in foster care and are assisted by the Department of Social Services in the state of the child’s residence.

An agency which has an established program in another country has a working relationship with the government of that country and is allowed by that country to assist in the adoption of their children by U.S. citizens.

For international adoptions, the U.S. government has a wealth of information on international adoption.  It can be accessed at: This site has information on each country, which countries are members of the Hague, and which U.S. agencies have Hague accreditation.