Whether adopting internationally or domestically I.A.S. can help you start your adoption journey with a Home Study done in a prompt and affordable manner.

I.A.S. is a non-profit adoption agency licensed by the State of Minnesota.hmpg-welcome.jpg

  • Hague approved by the Council on Accreditation
  • Home study accepted world wide
  • Friendly, personal, courteous, expedient service
  • Updates, as needed, for families with a Current Home Study
  • Home Study Update for Families with a Current Home Study Who are Moving to Minnesota
  • Immigration assistance
  • No administrative fee to send home study to immigration services
  • Post Placement Visits and Reports completed in required time frame mandated by state and international country
  • Assistance with readoption and legal name change in Minnesota

We’re here to help make adoptions simple, enjoyable and a positive experience.

Our mission is to unite loving parents with children who desperately need Moms and Dads.

I.A.S. has received Hague reaccreditation valid through January 31, 2020